Rapid E-commerce Growth In 90 Days With The Custom Marketing Plan!

A Custom Guide From The UK’s Leading E-commerce Agency.

🚨Attention E-com Owners Worldwide!🚨

Are you tired of witnessing your ad performance take a nosedive every single day? Are your costs per purchase skyrocketing while your return on ad spend plummets?

Well, here's some exciting news: you no longer have to endure these disappointing results! It's high time we embrace the reality that the advertising landscape has evolved, and it's time for us to adapt.

So what is the custom plan?

The Custom AD Plan is NOT a generic online course. The Custom Plan is a carefully crafted guide, tailored to your business.

Where we review your business in its current form and construct a full digital marketing strategy In order to achieve your short and long term goals.

This consists of paid advertising funnels across multiple platforms (which we will guide you on the best platforms for you) and backend marketing such as email marketing. All coming direct for the UK’s leading e-commerce marketing agency, managing paid media for some of the worlds leading e-com brands.

Most importantly… we are here to get you SALES and PROFIT. Not, more traffic and 3 month long data building phases you have all heard before.

We are determined to 3x the profitability of over 5000 business's ads this year

The Custom Plan - What Marketers Like You Get With Every Plan:

  • Custom strategies for you and your business after a full in-depth review.
  • How to rapidly scale winning ads without the CPA skyrocketing.
  • A quick fire testing system to identify winning ads and audiences ASAP.
  • A funnel structure that provides consistent sales on a daily basis. Not the spikes and drop offs that most small ad accounts experience.
  • Omni-channel marketing system.
  • Email Marketing Strategies - to get 30% of your sales via email and sky rocket retention.
  • Retention strategies, turning your customers into raving fans.
  • How to identify the best platforms for you to leverage.
  • Troubleshoot common issues like tracking and attribution.
  • A website review and CRO suggestions.
  • How to create the ultimate split testing campaigns for creative and audiences.
  • How to set the optimal daily budgets out of the gate based on your KPIs.
  • Scaling guidelines to ensure profitability and cashflow efficiency.
  • Performance driven creative insights.
  • A step by step instruction manual to complement your custom plan.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Scaling
  • Complete Facebook Setup (Backend)
  • Tailored Remarketing Game Plan
  • Fully Built Campaign Structure

What You Don't Have To Pay For:

Monthly Group Coaching Calls:


New Courses Every Few Months:


Months of unprofitable ad spend while trying to learn on your own:


An unqualified agency that most likely has no idea what they're doing:


Total Savings: $18,994+/year


Monthly Ad Spend


Generated Revenue


Average ROAS


Of Happy Clients

The Custom Plan

How it works


Submission Phase

Brand Overview (Tell us the details)

  • This where you are going to give us all the details. Paint a clear picture of where the brand currently is and where you want to be in the short term & long term.
  • Straight after signing up you will be sent an extensive form, here is where you will be able to go to detail about the brand. We will ask questions such as.


  • Who you are
  • Current back end figures (Revenue, Margins and ad spend)
  • What platforms you are current leveraging


  • Where you feel your lacking and looking to improve
  • What your looking to get out of the plan
  • + 25 more extensive question to give us the best understanding of the brand


  • What forms of marketing are you using (Ads, influencers, organic, email Or other)
  • Current ad set (we will request screenshots for further detail)
  • Ad spend and scaling ad spend

Prelaunch Phase

This is where we strategise and plan. Pulling from our experience and expertise to construct a plan that we would provide to a client that comes to our agency, paying us thousands per month to manage their brands marketing. We ask questions such


  • Load speed
  • Conversion rate improvements
  • Aesthetic suggestions


  • What platforms are suitable for your
  • How will we leverage them in out Omnichannel strategy
  • Understand how to allocate your budget
  • Full Funnel structure analysis


  • How to test
  • What trending creatives are currently working
  • How to leverage creatives and placements

Funnel Structure

  • How we structure the back end of the ads
  • Campaign structure
  • Re-targeting structure
  • Tracking attribution
  • Split testing rip down
  • Foundational platform


  • How to do it efficiently
  • How to do it profitably
  • Where to scale
  • Don’t of scaling
  • Campaigns structure to allow the rocket fuel we will put on your ad account


Building Phase

This is when we start building the plan itself, record the instructional videos and complete your instruction manual. Providing you with the most comprehensive plan possible.

Every plan takes 10 days to deliver from the day of order. This includes our internal research, strategy creation and plan construction.


Delivery Phase

Once your plan is complete, you will receive a email containing a link to all the assets included in your custom plan. This will include:

  • Custom Plan videos
  • PDF Instruction Manual
  • 30 Consultation set up

Launch Phase

Now you have your plan! Ready to go. BUT…

for a limited time only we are offering a 30 minute launch call with every Custom Plan.
This launch call will be with Lloyd, our head media buyer here at Linked Media. Lloyd is responsible for managing millions in ad spend per month and will set you on a clear path to success and answer any questions you may have.

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